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Microsoft accelerates the transformation of automakers from traditional manufacturers to mobility services providers by quickly advancing engineering, manufacturing, customer experience and in-vehicle experience.

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Learn how companies are digitally transforming the automotive industry

Gray AUDI station wagon driving on a paved road

Audi paves the way to autonomous driving using cloud based simulation software that can handle the storage and compute for current and future sensor sets, that will generate four gigabytes of data. Per second. Per vehicle.

Daimler semitrucks

Daimler AG is digitally transforming its business, from vehicle design to core business systems, using the cloud.  It’s moving the company’s core operational systems to Azure to gain scalability, agility, and lower costs.

Porsche Vehicles

Learn how Porsche is drives a digital future with a workplace built on the cloud. They leveraged technology to connect people and information together leading to increased business opportunities.

By combining road and weather expertise with rich vehicle data, Bosch attained real-time, granular insights by using Azure Data Explorer—improving driving safety, forecast accuracy, and increasing the availability of automated driving functions, in a way that was globally scalable.

FEV Group maximizes the level of automation by developing its own software that relies on machine learning and works in the Azure cloud.

By implementing Microsoft 365, Hendrick Automotive Group improved communications with customers, sped sales and service interactions, and lowered operating costs, all while being less invasive than any other upgrade in company history.

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